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UPDATED: 14th May 2016 (Revised for new website / checkout process / queue).

If you’re a female and you’re into make-up, chances are you’ve heard of the Kylie Lip Kit / Lip Glosses. The lip kit is a matte liquid lipstick and lip liner duo which is created by Kylie Jenner. The retail price for these lip kits is US$29 + postage (US$8.95 in the US, US$14.95 international locations). The glosses come in either singles which are US$15 + postage (US$8.95 in the US and US$14.95 international) or in a set of 3 (“Like,” “Literally” and “So Cute.”) which is US$44.95 + postage (US$8.95 in the US and $14.95 international).

The thing about these lip kits and glosses which makes them so desirable to women is that apparently they stay on for an amazing length of time without smudging. Though, the bigger drawcard is the fact that they’re almost IMPOSSIBLE to get your hands on.

There have been a number of releases now for the lip kits and one for the lip glosses and each time, it is like the hunger games, except you’re competing against the whole world. Each time, the lip kits have sold out in under 30 minutes, with most re-stocks with popular shades selling out in less than 10 minutes. They then sell on ebay for up to 5x the price!

We thought we’d help out – we’ve attempted to purchase the lip kit at every re-stock and have been successful every time. We’ve purchased over 70+ lip kits using these tips and over 50+ glosses.

Follow this lengthy guide and you should have NO problems in securing your lip kit / glosses in the desired colour / shade. If you aren’t successful first time you try after using this guide, you should be successful at the next re-stock after you’ve had a chance to familiarise yourself with the shop, how it works and how to best execute these tips.

The one recommendation we would make is if you’re serious about getting the lip kit – DO NOT use your phone, use a desktop or laptop computer – as it’s impossible to navigate the shop as quickly as you need to and enter your details on your phone.

SPEED – Speed is everything

You must realise that speed is the ultimate key to getting the lip kit you want and making sure your transaction is processed. If you’re not good at typing quickly, we detail ways for you to speed up the process in this guide, but what you need to do, is if you want the lip kit bad enough, between re-stocks you should be practising your typing. You don’t need to know how to type fast in general, just key things like your email address, full name and address, mobile telephone number and some credit card details. These are detailed below.


Find out what time the re-stock time is in your local time

First things first, you need to know what time the re-stock time is. Usually, this information is posted on the “KYLIE” app which you can download from the Apple and Google Play stores – but there’s a catch, you need to subscribe to find out the re-stock time which costs US$5.00 per month.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to spend the money, you can look on twitter by searching for “Lip Kit” or “Kylie Gloss” and then going to “All Tweets” and you will find that people will be talking about the re-stock time and will often tweet out copies of the image from the app.

Importantly, you need to find out the re-stock time in PST (which is Los Angeles local time) and convert it to your own local time. You can do this by opening Google and saying “What time is 4pm PST in sydney” for example – and it will tell you what time 4pm is in Sydney. Make sure you take note of if it’s the same day or the following day where you are.

Prepare your computer

Bookmark and load the SHOP page prior to the on-sale time. You need to make sure you bookmark Put the bookmark on your toolbar so that it is in reach at all times. The reasoning behind this is explained in a moment.

Alternatively, if you are after just glosses, or just lip kits, you can bookmark each of the respective pages –

Mattes (Lip Kits) –

Glosses –

It’s important that you have bookmarked the respective page if you are only buying one and not the main page as this will save you time when the re-stock time is near. It saves you having to click one link and load an additional page.

The shop page generally looks like this:


Make sure that your internet connection is working correctly – if your WiFi is unstable and likely to disconnect, try connecting your computer to the WiFi on your mobile telephone network, which is generally more stable. There is nothing worse than getting your lip kits in your cart and then having the internet die and not being able to complete the transaction.

Tell everyone around you to shut up and make sure you are free from disturbances. Close any other windows you have open such as messaging / social media platforms or anything which uses a lot of internet connectivity. You only need to be focussed for a few minutes while you complete the transaction.

Lastly, in preparation – study the shop page and learn where your desired shade / colour is located on it. That way, you can go straight to the colour you want quickly.


This is a key part of speeding up the ordering process.

Once you get through the initial pages of the checkout process, you’ll come to a point where you need to put in your credit card details. Most people don’t know their credit card details off-by-heart and if they do, it still takes a considerable amount of time to type it out.

To beat a lot of people through this early stage, you need to put your CREDIT CARD NUMBER into a text file or Microsoft Word file and prior to the re-stock happening, say 5 minutes or so before, COPY the credit card number, so that when it comes time to put it in, you can simply PASTE it in.

In order to “COPY” some text, highlight it with your mouse and press “CTRL” + “C” at the same time if you’re on a PC. If you use a Mac, highlight it with your mouse and press “COMMAND” + “C” at the same time.

When it comes time to “PASTE” in your credit card number, if you’re on a PC, press “CTRL” + “V” at the same time. If you’re on a Mac, press “COMMAND” + “V” at the same time.

Test that it works, by trying to PASTE the credit card number below the one you have highlighted. If it works, you’re good to go – if it doesn’t, repeat the steps as explained.


So the re-stock is about to occur, by now, you should have your space clear, no distractions, a Word or text file open with your credit card number in it and you’ve COPIED the credit card number so that you can paste it when needed.

You should have a bookmark link on your toolbar that goes straight to “” or the “matte” page, or the “gloss” page. The pages should look something like this:


Matte Page –


Gloss Page –


Metals Page –


The bookmark is vitally important, because you’ll notice that as the time comes closer for the re-stock to happen, usually a few hours before, the shop page changes and redirects to a website which is “” and will have a message that the shop is being restocked soon.


Once the on-sale time is coming close, we need to constantly be loading the shop page so that as soon as it’s available, we can purchase the lip kits. If we don’t have a bookmark to the shop page, we’ll be refreshing the shop page which has “/password” on the end and this can make us lose valuable time.

The re-stock will happen a few seconds after the designated time – for example, if it’s going on sale at 4:00pm in your local time, if your computer clock is automatically set, the re-stock will happen a few seconds after your computer clock ticks over to 4:00pm.

A few minutes before 4:00pm (if that’s the re-stock time in your local time) you need to start pressing the bookmark link which is on your toolbar.) You might think this is pointless, because there’s still a few minutes left, but we want to account for it going on sale early, any discrepancies with your computer clock and basically to get us in the rhythm of being ready. It’ll help you focus.

Keep clicking the bookmark, waiting for the site to load and do this continuously until the magical time comes, where the shop page pops up with the lip kits on it – it’s now time to be quick and make our purchase.


This is the most important time to be aware of speed and time. As soon as that shop page is available with the lip kits on it, you need to open up the lip kits you are wanting to purchase in seperate tabs.

If you want the one lip kit shade, simply click on it and then click “Add to Cart.”

If you want more than one lip kit shade, right-click on each shade that you want and click “Open Link in New Tab.” You should do this as quickly as you can. You’ll then have each shade open in a new tab that you want to purchase.


Now quickly, go into the first tab, and click “Add to Cart” – do not adjust the quantity here. Repeat for each tab you have open. On the final tab, which is the last shade that you want to purchase, when you click “Add to Cart” – it should bring up the cart on the screen with all of the previous shades you’ve added. Here, you can add additional quantities if you want more than one. The maximum you can purchase is 2 of each shade / colour per order.


Click “Checkout.”

If the button is not responding, keep clicking it – the website sometimes lags due to the number of people who are using it.

In the unfortunate event the colour / shade is already sold out, it’ll tell you when you try to add it to your cart.


THIS IS VITALLY IMPORTANT – The key factor in this stage of the process and to making sure you ultimately get your transaction processed is if you ARE NOT PLACED IN A QUEUE – skip ahead to the Checkout process and start typing in your information as quickly as you can.

If you ARE PLACED IN A QUEUE – you NEED to open more internet browser tabs – and visit one of the main Kylie Cosmetic pages – – click on your cart again and click “Place Order.”


You need to do this with as many tabs as you can, so that you have the greatest chance of one of the windows getting you out of the queue – it is possible, if you don’t do this – that you may be stuck in the queue until all of the items are sold out. Keep an eye on all of your tabs, one of them is bound to have the following checkout process screen pop up quicker than the others.

Eventually, once you get out of the queue, the following checkout screen will appear in one of your tabs (see next step).


Now comes the time when your typing speed is essential. You’re effectively racing everyone else here to get to the order processed screen. The quicker you can complete these screens, the better chances you have.

The first screen will ask you for your Email Address, First Name, Last Name, Shipping Address including number, street, city, state and country and your mobile telephone number.


The next screen is the shipping method screen – follow the on-screen prompts.


The final screen is the credit card details screen – you’ll need to enter your credit card number, which you should have COPIED from the text file. Simply press “CTRL” + “V” if you’re using a PC to PASTE the details in. If you’re using a Mac, press “COMMAND” + “V” to PASTE the details in.


It’ll ask you if you want to use your shipping address you already entered as your billing address. Click “Same as shipping address” if it’s the same, otherwise click “Use a different billing address” and enter your billing address.

Click “Complete Order.”

NOW COMES THE HARD PART – Getting your order through

The hardest part is now getting your order to go through and get processed. If you’ve completed the above steps quickly and in record time, your transaction should get processed without any issues.


It’s most likely you’ll get a page which says “Your order is being processed.” This next step is the essential step in getting your order through.


See that little link that says “refresh this page?” You need to click that link continuously, otherwise your order isn’t going to be submitted for processing until the wait time is up (in 2 minutes) and chances are, everything will be sold out by then. You need to click the “refresh this page” link, then click it again and again, until you get the order confirmation screen in the next step. Make sure though, that your web browser isn’t already loading when you click “refresh this page.” It should be sitting still. If it’s already loading something (ie the little bar at the top of your browser window is moving), you shouldn’t click it, because your order may be about to finish processing and you COULD be charged twice.

The moral of this story is “REFRESH, REFRESH, REFRESH” by clicking the link. Keep refreshing until  you get an order confirmation.

Wait until you have a page which has an order confirmation number on it.


If these steps don’t work, then chances are you’re too slow or you’ve picked a colour / shade which has sold out already.

The shop will return you to the checkout screen if one or more of your colour / shades are sold out and it automatically removes them from your cart. Quickly press the “Complete Order” button again and follow the above steps to hopefully receive your order confirmation.


We would recommend making sure you take a photo of the screen which has the order confirmation number on it using your phone.


That’s it – you’re done! You’ve ordered your lip kit and you’ll now receive it anywhere between a few days and 15 business days later.

A confirmation email should come through to the email address you used. It can take anywhere from a few minutes, to hours and hours later to receive this email. That’s why it’s necessary to take a photo of the order confirmation screen – so that you have proof of it. Because, like everyone else, can make mistakes as well.


Following the order confirmation email, you’ll also receive a “Shipping Confirmation” email. These can take anywhere up to the following business day, to 5 business days later (not including the restock day) to arrive. It will have your package tracking number in it. You can then follow the progress of your package to your door.


THANKS FOR READING – If you’ve found this guide / tutorial useful, please leave a comment and let us know. If you think we could make it better in any way, let us know also! You can email us at Feel free to share it with everyone you know and hopefully, you have a lot of success using these tips to get your hands on your much-desired lip kit/s.

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